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you can shop safely and find the sofa or recliner that fits you!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

There is no substitute for taking the time to actually go and sit on some of the many styles, sizes, support levels or even fabric covers that make a difference in how a seat feels. You can not order a seat online and expect a perfect fit. Just like a shoe - you have to try it on.

At Design House we are taking the time to make this possible and SAFE for you. Our team members are healthy and frequently tested (as well as knowledgeable about all kinds of seating). Our environment follows all the CDC guidelines. Our team will be wearing masks and frequently washing hands and you will find hand sanitizers for your own use in many convenient places.

We will welcome you and ask that you wear a mask and observe a 6 ft. social distance from our team - but not from the seats you are here to try.

We want you to to have a pleasant and successful experience and enjoy our Galleries.


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