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design a stunning room

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

When it comes to design, the Design House has everything you need to create beautiful spaces that will welcome your friends and comfort your family. But will this place be practical.

Will it be easy to clean, stay comfortable for a reasonable amount of time. might it look dated next year - does that even matter. And how do you even start?

Well - you dream. You imagine. You look everywhere for ideas - online, on TV programs, in magazines, in the houses of your friends. You take pictures and you cut out articles. You take stock of what you have that you treasure, what colors make you happy, who shares your space and what do they like, what do they need to feel comfortable.

Then like a good stew, you let that simmer awhile till all the features marry in a beautiful and delicious picture of the room you and your friends and family will enjoy for years.

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